Erler Zimmer – Anatomical models

erler zimmer

Medical students have long used donated human cadavers to learn anatomy; however preserved cadavers are not always available and plastinated bodies can be very costly and difficult to obtain. Making use of a range of technologies, the Monash Centre for Human Anatomy Education has created 3D prints of the entire human body. This means that anatomically correct, coloured plastic prints of various parts of the body or a full body can be purchased at a fraction of the  cost of an embalmed or plastinated body. The series includes models that would otherwise be impossible to visualise, such as vasculature of the brain. The anatomical kit is expected to dramatically improve learning and could even contribute to the development of better surgical outcomes for patients.

Erler-Zimmer GmbH holds a licence for additive printing of these accurate anatomical models. Parts are available within a short time period and can be produced in a range of sizes e.g. enlarged models for teachers.

Erler-Zimmer is a family owned and operated company producing anatomical models in Germany since 1950.

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