Kite Magnetics

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Kite Magnetics is developing ground-breaking electric motor technology for aircraft engines to fly further, carry more and reduce carbon emission for the ‘new age’ of electric aviation that is safer, quieter and significantly cheaper.

The technology was created by Monash researchers Dr Richard Parsons and Professor Kiyonori Suzuki at Monash Engineering and uses proprietary magnetic materials that involve combining novel nanocrystalline magnetic materials with advanced manufacturing methods. It enables electric motors and generators to be significantly lighter and more efficient with an energy loss 10 times smaller than those materials used in conventional electric motors.

Kite Magnetics are making electric motors that will not only increase the range of electric aircraft but also enable a cleaner future for air travel.

With the support of investors including Investible Climate Tech FundGalileo Ventures, Possible Ventures and Breakthrough Victoria, Kite Magnetics has received $1.85M funding to accelerate the next phase of the development