An innovative research partnership has been established between Monash University and new Melbourne-based start-up, oNKo-innate Pty Ltd. The company, co-founded by Professor Nicholas Huntington and Dr Jai Rautela, develops novel approaches to immunotherapy using expertise in Natural Killer (NK) cell biology.

Through this research partnership, oNKo-innate will work towards the next major advances in cancer immunotherapy. They will use strategies that recruit, integrate and activate a more diverse immune response, to identify and harness the cancer-fighting abilities of NK cells.

The partnership demonstrates the vision of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI)  in fostering an innovation-led research environment where discovery researchers are encouraged to partner with industry and establish their own start-ups. The rapid movement of discovery research to a major industry partnership will improve health and create new jobs at the interface of research and commercial development for some of Australia’s best young scientists.

In April 2020, oNKo-innate announced a major multi-year partnership with Gilead and its subsidiary Kite.

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