Pio Tx

Pio Tx

A major milestone has been achieved with the launch of BioCurate’s first spinout company, Pio Therapeutics in conjunction with Monash University. A world-class team has been assembled to lead Pio Tx to develop novel, innovative and targeted medicines that improve outcomes for cancer patients. Specifically, Pio Tx will focus on medicines that increase endogenous anti-tumour immunity starting with its first-in-class agonist antibody, PIO-001 that addresses current clinical challenges associated with immunotherapy, such as improving the rate and quality of response in a variety of solid tumours.

The discovery and initial characterisation of PIO-001 was conducted at Monash University’s Biomedicine Discovery Institute in the laboratories of Professor Charles Mackay, Professor Di Yu, and Dr Remy Robert.

The launch of Pio Tx demonstrates the potential in world-class, scientific research emerging from Australian universities to commercialise and create huge impact in global healthcare.

Pio Tx have appointed Dr George Morstyn as Chair, who brings many years of experience in pioneering global and local drug development.

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