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At home treatment for mental health

Resonance Therapeutics (RTx) is an Australian medical technology company developing safe, effective, drug-free treatments for better mental health.

RTx is building a non-invasive neuromodulation system that can measure, analyse and stimulate the brain, providing uniquely personalised treatment for depression for use in the home. RTx is a spin-out of Monash University in partnership with the neuromotion group, internationally established providers of high-performance neuroscience and clinical solutions; the company has a 20-year track record of successfully bringing accredited software and medical grade devices to global markets.

The research was led by Professor Paul Fitzgerald and Professor Kate Hoy who are at the forefront of the brain stimulation field, having conducted numerous large clinical trials in device-based treatments in psychiatry and neuropsychology.

The team combines a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise – a powerful constellation aiming to transform cutting-edge neurotechnology into novel therapies and clinical practice, bringing them out of the lab and into the homes of those that need it most.

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