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The Innovation Studio

A new collaborative space

What is the Innovation Studio?

The Innovation Studio is a state-of-the-art design facility located in the heart of Monash University’s Clayton campus.

This purpose-built space brings students and staff together to identify and address design problems, both local and global.

The studio heralds a cultural shift - responding to student needs through sustainable, student-centred improvements to University processes and systems.

One of the underlying philosophies of the studio is to ensure all activities fit the Student Experience Design Principles.

Design principles

We're listening to what students have to say about the University systems and processes.

Only by collaborating with students can we identify and prioritise improvements. This leads to improvements for staff by simplifying systems and reducing the administrative burden.

That's why, one of the underlying philosophies of the Innovation Studio is to ensure all the activities fit design principles that put students first.

student experience design principles

We have a student-centred approach that fits student need
Our processes are simple, consistent, intuitive and efficient
We proactively foster student communities, capability and success
Our services are available anytime, anywhere, on any device
We monitor and manage our services
  • ​"I want smart services and systems, which put my interests first and learn from their interaction with me."

  •  "I want services to be intuitive, accessed through a single gateway or portal, and fast."

  • "Mostly I want to be able to access services online from any device using streamlined systems, which are engaging and personally tailored."

  • "Make the processes and systems easier and less confusing."

  • " As a student, I want the University to recognise that learning is my priority. Services should work to create good student morale and success from the beginning."

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How you can get involved

Watch out for opportunities

Both students and staff can get involved in:

  • regular meet and greet opportunities for staff and students to connect and see what's happening in the world of the students
  • feedback workshops to problem-solve and brainstorm solutions
  • Q&A workshops
  • Innovation Studio pop-ups around campus seeking feedback for rapid prototyping
  • Usability testing of systems and websites.

share your ideas

We would also love to hear about ideas to improve student administration and services. To share your ideas, see the section below.​

Share ideas and collaborate

Start an idea challenge using Collabco, a virtual, interactive collaboration tool that allows you to share and manage ideas across the University.

Use your Monash email address to create an account and start sharing your ideas now. 

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Technology supporting collaboration

The Innovation Studio supports a change in how we work, empowering staff to reconnect with students and listen to their needs.

  • The large meeting spaces enable collaboration in co-design and running workshops.
  • Fully writeable surfaces allow for brainstorming, feedback and agile delivery.
  • Eye-tracking software facilitates fully responsive user-testing and analysis.

Other technology at the studio includes:

  • virtual reality equipment
  • video production facilities
  • and multiple hot desks.

Leveraging the expertise of both staff and students leads to Monash delivering better and faster, while providing financial and administrative benefits.

Contact us

The Innovation Studio is located at:

27 Sports Walk, Clayton campus

To make a booking to use the space, or for any other general enquiries contact: