The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) is the central office that administers the application processes for places in tertiary courses, scholarships and the Special Entry Access Scheme at universities, TAFEs and independent tertiary colleges in Victoria (and a few outside Victoria). VTAC receives and forwards application information and supporting documentation to the relevant authorities at institutions in addition to other data points across the admission life cycle.

These reports are confidential and not for external dissemination, they are presented for use by Monash University staff only.

Release of the information contained within these reports to non-University staff will be treated as a serious breach of our policies (integrity and respect, ethics) and procedures (data protection and privacy) which clearly outline the University’s professional behaviour expectations.  In addition, release of this data externally will result in the withdrawal by VTAC of the state wide comparative data for 5 years.

UPS consolidates these key datasets across the students' admission lifecycle when applying through VTAC through the following assets: