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Monash International Student Experience Day

About the event

Come along to our International Student Experience Day and get a taste of what it's like to study at Monash.

The day includes a series of interactive faculty-run workshops that explore different subject areas. You'll also attend a VCE EAL masterclass to help you succeed in your final years of school. Plus, you'll get the chance to hear from our current international students about their Monash experience.

This event is for international Year 11 and 12 VCE and IB students.

Event details

Date: Tuesday 22 September
Time: 9.30am - 3pm
Location: Online via Zoom Webinar


9.30 - 10.40am Presentation and Current Student Panel
11.00 - 12.00pm Workshop 1
12.10 - 1.10pm Workshop 2
1.15 - 2.00pm Lunch and Optional Campus Tour Activity
2.00 - 3.00pm Achieving a Top EAL Score masterclass

Please note: You'll need to register for this event individually in order to select your faculty workshops. We don't accept group bookings. Ensure you register early to secure your preferred workshops, as they will no longer be available once full.

What's on

Presentation and current student panel

Hear from Monash Residential Services, International Student Services, English Connect and the International Student Association about the support available to you at Monash, as well as from our friendly current students. They're looking forward to sharing their personal journeys and experiences with you, so you can get a taste of what university life will be like as an international student at Monash. You'll also have the opportunity to get all your questions about our courses and entry requirements answered directly by our faculty representatives via the webinar Q&A.


Select from a variety of faculty workshops and information sessions. These expert-run workshops will be fun and interactive, showcasing some of our amazing facilties. You'll come away with strategies and skills to help you achieve top marks in your study area. Please be mindful that some workshops have a set capacity, which you won't be able to select if it becomes full. You'll need to select another workshop that has availability. There are limited options for changing once you have made your selections.

Workshop descriptions

Faculty Workshop title Workshop session Workshop timeDescription
Arts Criminology workshop: How do buildings and natural environments impact crime risk? 1 11am - 12pm In this practical workshop, you will learn how the design features of buildings such as a house, school, shopping mall or hospital, as well as the natural environment surrounding those buildings, impact upon crime risk, and how these features can be changed to reduce that level of risk. You will be introduced to the main ideas of crime prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and will then practice this knowledge by conducting a digital CPTED audit of several public spaces in Melbourne. You will use Google Maps’ Street View facility to establish the level of safety of these locations, and to identify potential crime-related design issues. You will also have an opportunity to propose CPTED-inspired changes to address the identified issues and to improve the safety and security of these spaces while keeping them functional and enjoyable. You will be required to use your mobile phone for this activity.

With Associate Professor Anna Eriksson, Director of the Bachelor of Criminology and Director of the Imprisonment Observatory.

2 12.10pm - 1.10pm
Art, Design and Architecture The Future of Work - Jobs and Careers that Inspire 1 11am - 1.10pm Employers are seeking applicants with creative capabilities to meet the future needs of a changing world. In this two-part hands-on workshop, you will get a sneak-peak into the creative and communication tools that our students develop in first-year. Through a fun creative process, you will develop your idea into a cool prototype. It's a taste of how exciting uni can be and shows how you can prepare for an awesome creative career.

*This session will run across both workshops, so you will not be able to select another faculty workshop.
Business and Economics What makes Monash Business School Unique – From a Student Perspective? 1 11am - 12pm Uncover what a business degree involves at Monash Business School and where it could lead you in the future. You'll hear from Recruitment Coordinator, James Collins and a diverse student panel who will discuss their experiences at Monash. You'll have the chance to engage with our panel and ask any questions about what student life is like in the Business faculty.

The session will provide an overview of the various undergraduate course offerings available and will cover topics such as what makes Monash Business School different, employability, scholarships, internships, study tours and more!

2 12.10pm - 1.10pm
Education Go digital with teaching! 1 11am - 12pm This interactive session provides you with an understanding of what it means to be a 'teacher' in a digital society with the help of current education students. Challenge yourself to develop an engaging lesson for your peers and provide constructive feedback using technologies that are being introduced within classrooms around the world.
2 12.10pm - 1.10pm
Engineering The Impact of Engineering - Presented by Robogals Monash 1 11am - 12pm In this lively, interactive session run by engineering students, you will learn about the different types of engineering, and how the work of engineers impacts our lives in many ways every day. There'll be a quiz and a challenge - can you design a house that will be able to withstand an extreme environment? The presenters will also be happy to answer your questions about what it is like to study engineering.

*Note that this workshop will take place in a Zoom Meeting environment, which means your face will be visible on-screen. You are welcome to turn off your video if you're not comfortable with this. The session will not be recorded.

2 12.10pm - 1.10pm
Information Technology Help the plight of Bangladeshi farmers with innovative solutions 1 11am - 12pm Are you interested in developing an innovative IT solution to a pressing global issue? In this workshop, you will apply human-centred design and ICT to address various challenges facing women farmers in a developing country – all while under the guidance of talented tutors. This is your chance to expose yourself to the potential of technology, gain critical insights into the industry and get a feel of how rewarding a career in IT can be.

*Note that this workshop will take place in a Zoom Meeting environment, which means your faces will be visible on-screen. You are welcome to turn off your video if you're not comfortable with this. The session will not be recorded.

2 12.10pm - 1.10pm
Law Run your own court case virtually in Monash Law's state-of-the-art Moot Court! 1 11am - 12pm We're the only Law School in Australia to guarantee clinical legal experience – but what is it? Join Monash Law and find out first-hand what it is like to study law and run your own court case in this virtual Be a Judge activity!
2 12.10pm - 1.10pm
Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Nursing Lab Video Demo + Live Interaction with an Academic and Current Student 1 11.00am - 12.00pm The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash is one of the largest schools for the education of doctors, nurses and midwives in Australia.

See what happens in our fully equipped nursing lab. Set up like a real hospital, our clinical learning environment includes simulation mannequins, which are programmed to make noises and exhibit particular symptoms. View some of the important clinical skills that our nursing students learn before starting placement and interact with a nursing academic and current student.

2 12.10pm - 1.10pm
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Functional Groups Workshop 1 11am - 12pm

In this workshop, you'll apply your understanding of different functional groups to the context of medicines. Learn about the role functional groups play in drug delivery and medicine activity and apply intermolecular bonding concepts to the interactions between medicines and protein binding sites,including how medicines target a protein crucial to SARS-CoV-2.
Chemistry concepts explored: (it is recommended that you are familiar with the below concepts prior to the workshop)

  • Hydroxyl, formyl/aldehyde and ketone functional groups
  • Intermolecular forces- hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole interactions and dispersion forces
  • Molecular/receptor specificity

Key skills developed:

  • Problem solving
  • Application of content to new contexts

The session will also include information about our course options and provide the opportunity to ask questions.

*Prior to the workshop, we will email you an activity sheet and let you know what other materials are required. Note that this workshop will take place in a Zoom Meeting environment, which means your faces will be visible on-screen. You are welcome to turn off your video if you're not comfortable with this. The session will not be recorded.

2 12.10pm - 1.10pm
Science Analysis of Blood Plasma via UV-Vis Spectrophotometry 1 11am - 12pm This interactive workshop will be in two parts. The first part is a demonstration involving elephants' toothpaste. This will include an experiment introducing the concepts of thermodynamics and kinetics. There will also be an exothermic reaction to observe.

The second part will use UV-Visible Spectrophotometry to determine if an individual has overdosed on salicylate compound, a natural chemical found in plants as a preservative to protect themselves against disease, bacteria, fungi and insects. The activity will show you how to use the spectrophotometer to prepare a standard curve and determine the concentration of salicylate in the blood sample provided.  
Presenters: Dr Shah Taghavimoghaddam and Mary-Rose Caroll

*Prior to the workshop, please access and download a copy of the worksheet that you will need for this activity.

2 12.10pm - 1.10pm

Contact us

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