Global education

At Monash, we believe a global perspective and internationally recognised skills are essential to thrive in a globalised economy.

One of Monash University's most valuable assets is its international network. We have an offshore campus and major alliances in Prato (Italy), Malaysia, South Africa, Suzhou (China), and Mumbai (India), along with having a global alliance with the University of Warwick (UK). In addition, we have student-exchange  agreements  with  over 100 partner universities in more than 25 countries across Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

International students

Discover our undergraduate, graduate and research courses and the support services, such as scholarships and accommodation, on offer to international students.

International  study opportunities for Monash students

Studying overseas allows you to experience new cultures, strengthen your studies with a global perspective, and collaborate with like-minded scholars. Find out more at Monash Abroad.

You can consider:

Study at Prato

Prato is a vibrant Tuscan town located 20 kilometres northwest of Florence. The Monash University Prato Centre can be found in an 18th-century palazzo in the historical heart of city.

The Prato program offered at Monash University was an unforgettable experience and will remain a major highlight in my university career. The well-structured program provided me with useful resources and experiences, yet also allowed room for exploration, experimentation and adventure.    I    was    encouraged to research and think critically in order to develop a creative response to the visual language of the area, a skill which I have adapted into my current design practice.

Vanessa Bong, second year Bachelor of Design, (Visual Communication)

Studying overseas enhances your CV

The inter-campus exchange program to Malaysia was the highlight of my Monash student experience. It was great to be able to continue my degree at an international campus and to have new and interesting experiences.

I think studying overseas shows employers that I can adjust, adapt and build a life in a foreign environment without knowing anyone. As well as being out of your comfort zone, you can still excel and complete a life challenge, not only on an academic level but a personal level as well.

Tatum de Silva, Bachelor of Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Communications 2010.

Whichever option you choose, Monash University offers encouragement and assistance on many levels. If you choose another Monash campus or a partner-university exchange, you won't pay additional tuition fees – just your normal HECS or Monash tuition fees. Plus, our travel grants, scholarships,  and  student  loans can help fund the trip. Find out more about finances.

Other global opportunities

Our global reach offers you more than just a study-abroad opportunity. Monash students are generating and collaborating in research all over the world. The opportunities are often available to undergraduates and more options open up at the postgraduate level and we have several joint PhD postgraduate  programs.

Are you a student from another university?

There are many reasons to choose Monash University as your study abroad or exchange destination, including our world-class reputation, our global networks, our high-quality teaching, and our diverse range of courses. You can choose to study in Australia or at one of our many other locations  around  the  world. If you're from one of our partner universities, you'll benefit from streamlined visa processing and pre-approved units. If not, we can help tailor a study plan to suit your academic goals and budget.