From the Mines of Indonesia to Clayton: An Australia Awards scholar journey

Fauzan Pratomo is studying a Master of Engineering by Research at Monash University and is an Australia Awards scholar

Fauzan Pratomo’s specialisation is mining engineering. He first became interested in engineering as he sees engineers as people who always change and innovate the world.

After graduating with a bachelor degree in mining engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, Fauzan worked for over two years in the field, for PT Freeport Indonesia. This gave him an appreciation of the challenges faced in mining in Indonesia.

After this time, he decided it would be good to do further study and he started researching options. During his undergraduate study, Fauzan came to know of Professor Jian Zhao in the Faculty of Engineering, as he has a reputation as a leading expert in mining engineering. Indonesia and Australia both rely heavily on mining for their development and prosperity and Indonesia looks up to Australia in terms of the technology and work practices in the field. This made studying in Australia attractive to Fauzan. He had the chance to meet Professor Jian Zhao when visiting Melbourne in 2017 and decided to contact him to see if he was interested in supervising Fauzan’s research. Fauzan emailed the professor and reminded him of their previous connection. Professor Jian Zhao responded to Fauzan’s email and they began discussing the potential research. When Professor Jian Zhao agreed to be Fauzan’s supervisor, he was excited and pursued scholarship options.

Fauzan was successful in his application for a highly prestigious scholarship offered by the Australian Government under the Australia Awards scheme, a program that provides higher education opportunities for students from a range of countries, particularly those located in the Indo-Pacific region. Fauzan notes the process for securing an Australia Awards scholarship is challenging but very worthwhile as the scholarship is generous and looks after the student. Fauzan found the preparation process very helpful, which made for a smooth transition from working in Indonesia to studying at Monash University in Australia. He has settled in to life on campus at Clayton. He has also enjoyed exploring the city of Melbourne and hopes to venture beyond the city and explore Victoria and beyond when his wife joins him in a couple of months. Fauzan’s wife is also pursuing further study in the field of industrial engineering, while searching for options to extend her career in Australia.

Contact: Monash Indonesia Representative Office (MIRO)