Net Zero Universities Initiative

The pursuit of net zero emissions and a sustainable future for our planet is one of the greatest challenges of our time; and it requires urgent and persistent action from all levels of government, businesses, institutions and individuals.

Monash’s commitment to net zero is much more than a pledge. It’s about action. The magnitude of this challenge requires collaboration and the university sector is poised to tackle it. Collectively, we have the potential to accelerate change, at scale, to achieve net zero and secure our planet’s future.

We invite you - our colleagues across the sector - to join with Monash as we pursue this Net Zero Universities vision together.
Professor Margaret Gardner AC, President and Vice-Chancellor

At Monash, we are proud to be a leader in action on climate change. We were the first Australian university to commit to an energy reduction target through our Net Zero Initiative, and received the United Nations Momentum for Change Award in 2018 for demonstrating climate action leadership. In our strategic plan Impact 2030, we have sharpened our focus on these endeavours, identifying climate change as one of the greatest challenges of our age

We have made great strides towards achieving our net zero by 2030 goal, harnessing our knowledge, education, infrastructure and partnerships to deliver real-world, game-changing solutions that will shape the way we live our lives. We have established an on-campus microgrid, which allows us to control when and how we use our energy, and we’re creating low-energy, climate resilient buildings. Our educational programs are driving innovation and providing practical, real-life experience for the leaders of the future, and we’re working closely with government and business to translate our research and experience into actionable plans for a sustainable future. We’re perfectly placed to share this experience, knowledge and infrastructure to achieve this critical goal.

Monash is already sharing our practical decarbonisation expertise with tertiary and other sectors on how to achieve carbon neutrality. Monash is a member of the International Universities Climate Alliance, which focuses on knowledge-sharing for climate action. We are one of more than 1000 universities in the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, focusing on the promotion of research and education to meet the broader UN Sustainable Development Goals. Monash is also a founding member of the recently-announced World Alliance of Universities on Carbon Neutrality (WAUCN), aiming to deliver science, engineering and technological solutions to help achieve climate change mitigation targets.

Our Net Zero Universities initiative complements and extends the work of these important alliances. It provides a tangible goal for a network of universities across the globe to put net zero into action, and lead the way by showing how our own campuses can be net zero models. If we can do it, so can the rest of the world.

At Monash we’re very proud to be changemakers - are you a changemaker too?

Email to submit your interest in the Net Zero Universities initiative.