Monash Scholars at Risk Speaker Series

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Promoting academic freedom and raising awareness of international scholars who are unjustly threatened or persecuted for their work.

The Monash Scholars at Risk Speaker Series is a landmark program that provides international scholars who have suffered threats to their security, liberty and well-being the opportunity to speak to our community about their work.

The Speaker Series is an opportunity for Monash communities and the wider public to learn about threats to academic freedom and attacks on scholars, as well as the scholar’s own scholarship and experiences.

About Scholars at Risk

Scholars at Risk is an international network of hundreds of institutions across more than 40 countries to protect the human rights of scholars, provide support for intellectuals threatened by persecution and violence, and promote the principles of academic freedom and freedom of speech worldwide.

Monash joined Scholars at Risk in 2018 and is one of six founding members in Australia.

More information about Scholars at Risk Australia is available on the organisation’s website.


  • Dr Marta Havryshko, URIS Fellow at Basel University

    Weapon of war? The Role of Sexual Violence in Russian Invasion of Ukraine