What are the advantages of the Monash Warwick Alliance joint PhD over a traditional PhD?

Students on the joint PhD will have simultaneous access to facilities and services at two internationally renowned institutions, and will be supported by a team of exceptional academics across the two institutions. Throughout the joint PhD, you can expect:

  • Supervision from a minimum of two internationally renowned scholars
  • Joint enrolment at two institutions with access to all facilities and resources available to local students
  • Access to professional and academic training in negotiation with your supervisors
  • To be at the forefront of world-leading, innovative research to develop the academic, professional and personal skills that will enable you to negotiate the global job market as a truly international citizen

What are the entry requirements for the Monash Warwick Alliance joint PhD?

The joint PhD is a course of study suitable for only high calibre students. You will be expected to demonstrate a high ability to carry out advanced independent research of the highest quality.

You should have the capacity to carry out advanced independent research and have adequate training and ability to pursue the proposed course of study.

You should have a minimum of four years tertiary study, with a substantive research component, usually in the final year, to the following standards:

  • Australian applicants: Minimum of a first-class honours degree (or equivalent).
  • UK applicants for Science PhDs: a 2.1+ from a 3-year Bachelor's degree; or 2.1+ from a 4-year Integrated Master's degree (or the equivalent from other countries).
  • UK applicants for non-Science PhDs: a strong 1-year Master's degree with a substantial research component in addition to a good Bachelor's degree (or the equivalent from other countries).

What level of English proficiency is required?

You will be required to satisfy whichever is the higher English language admission requirement for the particular discipline from either university.

Please take a look at Warwick's English proficiency requirements and Monash's English proficiency requirements.

How do I make an application?

You will need to complete an online application form for either Warwick or Monash. This application form constitutes an application for admission to the joint PhD and for funding. Find out more about the application process by reading the guide to joint PhD applications.

How will my application be assessed?

There are four stages to the assessment process:

1. An initial review by the academic unit in either Warwick or Monash, depending on the institution to which you apply;
2. An assessment of whether the institution is able to supervise the proposed project and whether a counterpart supervisor is available at the other institution;
3. A consideration of your academic abilities;
4. Success in the final stages depends on whether you have managed to secure funding or can demonstrate sufficient personal or other funding.

At each stage, the people responsible for assessing the application will ask:

  • Are you eligible for admission to the course of study?
  • Is your proposed project or topic in an area for which supervision exists at both universities?
  • Have you been successful in gaining a scholarship?
  • If you have not managed to secure funding, and you are of sufficient academic calibre, can you demonstrate sufficient personal or other resources to enable you to undertake the course of study and manage the additional expenses associated with the joint PhD?

Have a look at the 'What Happens Next?' guide for more information.

What is the duration of the joint PhD?

Any Alliance-funded scholarships will last for a maximum of three years. Students are expected to complete their requirements for their degree within three years, with the opportunity to extend to a possible maximum of four years.

What are the fees?

Fee levels are determined by the local rules in place in each institution.

  • If you apply through Warwick as a UK/Home or EU student, you will pay the standard Warwick fee.
  • If you apply through Monash as a domestic Australian student, you will not be charged any fees.

If you do not classify as a home/domestic student at either institution, you will be charged a different fee as an international student. Please see Fees and Funding for more information. If you are a self-funded international student you may be eligible for a generous bursary.

Is there funding available, and how do I apply for it?

You will automatically be considered for funding if you apply for a place on the joint PhD during a scholarship round, but the terms and conditions differ depending on whether you apply to Monash or to Warwick. Find out more about funding.

How do I find and contact a supervisor?

One of the reasons that potential research students are rejected is that the focus of the proposed research does not fit with the University's supervisory competencies. To avoid this, it is strongly recommended that you make contact with a potential supervisor to discuss with them how your research interests may be compatible with their interests and experience.

Once you have identified an academic, you need to persuade them that you are a suitable candidate. You also need to feel comfortable with the supervisor; after all they will be your mentor for at least three years. It is wise, if distance permits, to arrange a meeting with them or a telephone conversation where you can discuss your proposed PhD and their research interests. During discussions they will be able to help you focus on your topic offering advice on how to structure your research. They may also be able to help you with funding applications.

How does the supervisory system work?

A supervisor's role is to support you and offer guidance, beginning with helping to organise your initial objectives. You will have regular contact with your supervisory team throughout your program.

Throughout the joint PhD, you will have a minimum of two supervisors, one from each institution.

What services, facilities and sources of support are available throughout the program?

You will have access to all the services and support provided to students at both institutions throughout the program.

Find out more about the comprehensive range of support and services available for postgraduate researchers at Warwick.

Find out more about the support and services available for postgraduate researchers at Monash.

How long am I expected to spend at each institution?

You are required to spend a minimum of one year at the University of Warwick and one year at one of the Australian campuses of Monash University. You will travel to the other institution to further your research, as discussed with your supervisor; this will usually be in the second year of the program. The periods you spend at either institution can be as single blocks of study, or can be split into multiple periods, subject to any funding or visa restrictions.

Can I undertake the joint PhD on a part-time basis?

You should be enrolled in the joint PhD on a full-time basis.

Which institution will award my degree?

You will be asked to choose the institution at which you wish to graduate. A joint certificate referring to the joint nature of your degree will be issued by that institution.

Where can I find the small print (rules, regulations, procedures, terms and conditions)?

All the details you need can be found in the Monash Warwick Alliance joint PhD Handbook - forthcoming