Electric vehicle charging

We have electric vehicle (EV) charging stations installed at Clayton and Caulfield campuses. A number of options are available to staff, students and visitors to charge their vehicle whilst on campus.

Charging station locations


  • North One (N1) multi-level - 10 Research Way, ground level
  • South Two (S2) underground - 20 Ancora Imparo Way, level P1


  • Building J multi-level - Level 1 (ground)

How to access a charging station

Charging is currently free, however a valid parking session is required for your parking.

  1. Download the CellOPark Australia and Chargefox apps on your smartphone.
  2. Drive to campus and park your vehicle in a charging bay.
  3. Start a parking session in the CellOPark app using the zone codes shown on parking signs (Blue zone for staff and students, visitor zone for visitors).
  4. Locate the charging station in the Chargefox app. Unlock the station in the app and then plug in your vehicle. Charging history can also be accessed using the Chargefox app.

Detailed operating instructions for the stations are available here: Tritium VeefilEV Link.


If you have further questions or would like to know more please contact buildings.property@monash.edu.