Apply for internal review

If you have received an infringement notice, you can apply to have your case reviewed by Monash University. This is called an internal review.

Requesting an internal review

An application for internal review needs to be in writing and submitted via the online application form. All applications must:

  • include the infringement number.
  • state the grounds for review (see more information below).
  • provide current address details.
  • contain letter of consent, or other evidence of consent, if done on behalf of a third party.
  • include supporting documents to corroborate the grounds for review. For example, letters from doctors, Centrelink details, Police reports and evidence of mechanical breakdowns. Not providing sufficient information may influence the outcome of your internal review.

Only one application for internal review can be made regarding any one infringement offence.

Who can apply for internal review?

You can personally apply to have your case reviewed by Monash University, or you can authorise another person (such as a family member, a friend, support worker or solicitor) to make an application for an internal review on your behalf.

To provide consent for someone to act on your behalf please download and complete the Consent for internal review form. Your delegate will need to upload the completed form as part of the internal review application.

Grounds for review

You can request an internal review if you believe:

  • the decision to serve the infringement notice was contrary to law.
  • the decision to serve the infringement notice involved a mistake of identity.
  • you had special circumstances, as defined in legislation.
  • you did it, but you had exceptional circumstances.
  • you were unaware of receiving an infringement notice.
  • you meet the University’s defined additional circumstances.

You will need to specify which ground you are applying under within your application for internal review. Further detailed information about each ground is outlined below.

Non-valid grounds for internal review

The university is not able to receive a request for an internal review if it does not meet the legislated grounds for internal review. The below circumstances are examples of those not considered valid grounds for internal review:

Supporting documentation

In most cases supporting documentation will be required to accompany an application for internal review.

Documentation can be supplied in PDF, JPEG, PNG, DOC, DOCX or ZIP format in up to four (4) separate files per application (maximum size of 5MB each).

Please ensure all relevant documentation is included in your application as you can only submit one application per infringement notice.

Application submission

All applications for internal review are submitted using an online form.

Before beginning the application please ensure you have all required information ready, including:

  • your infringement number, vehicle registration number, current address details and offence date
  • completed consent form (if you are acting on behalf of the driver)
  • your nominated ground for internal review
  • supporting documentation in required format

Please allow 15 minutes to complete your application.

Apply for internal review

Frequently asked questions

Matters referred to court

You may request that your matter be referred to the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria (MCV) or the Children’s Court, even if you have made an application for an internal review. If this occurs the processing of the internal review application will be terminated by the University.

More information about electing to go to Court is available here.

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