Institute of Railway Technology Celebrates 15 years at Monash

The Institute of Railway Technology (IRT) recently completed 15 years at Monash University.

Originally part of BHP's Melbourne Research Laboratories, IRT moved to Monash in 2000. Within a short period, IRT has become recognised as one of the key industry research groups within the University.

IRT specialises in providing comprehensive solutions to technical issues in existing rail systems, whether they transport iron ore, freight or commuters. IRT is also a leader in remotely monitoring tracks and rolling stock using cutting-edge technology to detect faults before catastrophic failures occur.

Director of the IRT Ravi Ravitharan said the Institute had an established track record in solving railway-related technical issues including wheel-rail interface issues, and its solutions have been adopted by railway systems throughout the world.

"Its recommendations have led to significant savings to its customers' operating and capital costs, and provided value-added environmental benefits," Mr Ravitharan said.

IRT has a large client base and now provides technical assistance to the world's four biggest iron ore producers, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, FMG and Vale (Brazil), and more than 110 other railway entities, including leading passenger rail authorities such as MTR Corporation in Hong Kong (a major shareholder of Metro Trains in Melbourne) and MRT in Singapore. It has completed more than 350 projects with a contract research income in excess of $70 million to Monash University.

Recently Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has engaged the Institute to develop a suitable specification for the Tourist and Heritage (T&H) Railway sector for the use of a plastic/composite sleeper. The specification will enable testing of sleepers to validate their use within the T&H railways.

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