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10th Jul 2019 9:00am-3:00pm
Learning and Teaching Building
Monash University Clayton Campus
Open to:
Girls currently studying Year 10 and Year 11
Free entry, and every student will receive a free lunch and an IT show bag.


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Coding is the language of the future. At our Conquering Code workshop you’ll be inspired and learn from incredible female role models, including those studying IT at Monash. Enhance your skills in the rewarding and creative outlet that is coding.

Flourish in our supportive environment, where you will be provided with the tools and knowledge to take your coding capabilities to the next level. Develop alongside peers in our Cyber Security and Code Like A Girl workshops.

Curious about advancing your coding skills?

  • Chase the exciting opportunities available for women in IT
  • Find your FIT. Get to know the Monash IT crowd - with activities delivered by IT student clubs and the chance to share your experiences with like-minded peers
  • Seek the experiences that Monash IT offers and experience how an IT degree enables you to create content, not just consume it
  • Experience our brand new Teaching and Learning Building and computer lab spaces
  • Enhance your coding know how and discover how code can be creative

Arguably one of the most important reasons is that the systems we build both inform, and are informed by, our lives. We know that technology is a big part of building the world of the future. So, we ask: if that world is being built under the leadership of a single gender, or by one type of person - one perspective, one experience - what does that mean for the world being built? What is missing from that world and what are the consequences?

- Code Like A Girl

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Event Schedule

8.30am Registration Open
9.00am Welcome and Introduction: IT at Monash University
9.10am Workshop 1
11.10am Guest speaker
11.30am Lunch with Monash IT ambassadors
12.30pm Workshop 2
2.30pm Presentation
3.00pm Event Close

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Dale Cridland
+61 3 9905 6106