Creativity and AI: Companions or competitors? - presented by Monash Tech Talks

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15 Jun 2020 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Online – via Zoom Webinars


What can we achieve by blending creativity with AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become incredibly smart. It can translate languages, recognise emotions, drive vehicles and even create its own software.

But as two seemingly opposing forces, what is the relationship between AI and creativity? And more importantly, how can we leverage their synergy to create memorable customer experiences, shape future products and services – and help organisations break through the noise?

‘AI and creativity: competitors or companions?’ is a rare opportunity for you to hear from world-class anthropologists, AI experts and futurists. This thought-provoking discussion will give you greater insight into:

  • the advances in AI and how this innovation can be used to complement human creativity and expression
  • how AI has affected the relationships that humans have with technology and work, and changes we can expect in the future
  • the impact that creative AI will have on the jobs and workforce of tomorrow
  • how creative AI is influencing the design and delivery of products and services
  • how AI can be used in a unique way to enrich consumer experiences and draw out greater business value.

We’re also hosting a Q&A after the webinar, which is an opportunity for you to ask all your burning questions on this intriguing topic.

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AI and creativity: competitors or companions?

Date: Monday 15 June 2020

12.30pm: Webinar commences
1.10pm: Q&A begins

Venue: Online – via Zoom Webinars

Meet the host

Dave King
CEO and Founder, Move 37

Dave King is CEO and founder of the Melbourne-based creative AI startup, Move 37. The business uses machine learning and natural language generation to augment critical thinking and conceptual creativity. Dave has been a driven entrepreneur and strategist in the fields of creative technology innovation and R&D for 25 years. He's passionate about the opportunities for humans to discover new ways of working with machines in creative realms. Before Move 37, he founded the award-winning independent creative agency The Royals.

Meet the speakers

Professor Jon McCormack
Director and Founder of SensiLab, Monash University

Jon McCormack is a Professor in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash, an ARC Future Fellow and Founder and Director of SensiLab. Professor McCormack is an Australian-based artist and researcher in computing. His research interests include generative art, design and music, evolutionary systems, computer creativity, visualisation, virtual reality, interaction design, physical computing, machine learning, developmental models and physical computing.

At SensiLab, Professor McCormack oversees all operations, research programs and partnerships. He holds an Honours degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Monash, a Graduate Diploma of Art (Film and Television) from Swinburne University and a PhD in Computer Science from Monash.

Professor Sarah Pink
Director, Emerging Technologies Research Lab

A world-leading design anthropologist, Professor Pink has a joint appointment across the Faculty of IT and Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture. As Director of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab, she undertakes interdisciplinary, international research into the social, cultural and experiential dimensions of new and emerging technologies. With research funded by national research councils in Australia, UK, Sweden and Spain, and the EU, Professor Pink is known for her innovative digital, visual and sensory studies and dissemination methods. To address contemporary challenges, she engages in projects that incorporate design, engineering and creative practice disciplines.

Her latest projects span autonomous vehicles, mobility as a service, digital energy futures, self-tracking and wearable technologies, smartphone and personal technology futures, digital technology in everyday life and healthcare design. Professor Pink has over 20 years’ experience working with academia and industry around the world. She has also presented and published extensively.

Dr Teresa Llano Rodriguez
Lecturer of Creative AI, Faculty of Information Technology

Dr Rodriguez's research focuses on computational creativity. This means applying tools and techniques from different areas of AI to enable software systems to be creative collaborators – and developing tools that support designers and make technologies more accessible. Currently, Dr Rodriguez is investigating the development of novel models of human-computer co-creation.

Her research interests include co-creative systems, generative systems, explainable AI, applications of natural language processing, applications of machine learning and creative aspects of formal methods. Dr Rodriguez's work was used for the production of the West End musical `Beyond the Fence’, conceived as the world’s first computer-generated musical. She also contributed to the UK TV documentary `Computer Says Show’ filmed by Sky Arts.

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