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31 Dec 2020 - 7 Mar 2021


Intriguing topics. High-profile panels.

COVID-19 threw a curveball at the world. In response, we moved our 2020 Monash Tech Talk series online to continue serving you the latest insights in IT and computer science.

Throughout the year, it has been our pleasure to immerse you in thought-provoking subjects such as data science, AI, cybersecurity – and connect you to their experts.

A great holiday activity, all our webinars are available as replays and podcasts so you can stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the field.

Free replays – on demand

Our series this year explored a range of topics relevant to the industries, businesses and communities of today. They’re the perfect way to expand your knowledge by hearing from leading specialists.

  1. Emerging jobs and the future of work – hosted by Bernadette Schwerdt
  2. Organisational resilience and technology: Beyond COVID-19 - hosted by Bernadette Schwerdt
  3. Digital Health applications and innovations – hosted by Emily Rice
  4. The changing role of home during crisis – hosted by Jon Faine AM
  5. Power in a pandemic – hosted by Professor Jon Whittle
  6. Creativity and AI: Companions or competitors? – hosted by Dave King
  7. Agile nations: Recovering from a pandemic – hosted by Mimi Kwa
  8. Tackling cybercrime: Trends and Challenges – hosted by Jon Faine AM
  9. Can smart wives end the wife drought? – hosted by Annabel Crabb

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