A new paradigm: Multimodal autonomous AI – presented by Monash Tech Talks

A new paradigm: Multimodal autonomous AI – presented by Monash Tech Talks

Monash Tech Talks Online webinar
Thursday, 29 April 2021
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm (AEDT)

What makes humans different to AI?

Is it because we can…

  • derive meaning through multiple senses?
  • make unique interpretations of images and text?
  • read between the lines – and see the bigger picture?

By thinking laterally, humans are able to deliver creative solutions to diverse real-world problems. Computers however, have been limited to plain meanings and literal interpretations.

That is, until now.

Explore a cutting-edge paradigm

Multimodal AI is bridging the gap between human and computer intelligence. The future of technology, it’s enabling machines to combine various data types – such as images, text, speech and numbers – to achieve a richer, more holistic way of thinking and understanding.

In this Monash Tech Talks event, get ahead of the trend by hearing from a leading panel of specialists and industry experts who will speak about:

  • low-level multimodal perception (vision and language), video/image understanding, automatic translation and multilingual systems, and higher-level reasoning for decision-making.
  • multimodal navigation in self-driving cars and other autonomous technology.
  • real-life applications and benefits of multimodal AI in healthcare, finance, retail, business and other sectors – with examples from eBay, Google, Amazon and more.
  • how multimodal AI can contribute to social good.

Webinar details

Date Thursday 29 April 2021
Time 12.30pm: Webinar commences
1.10pm: Q&A begins 
Where Online – via Zoom Webinars  

Meet the host and speakers

Bernadette Schwerdt
Keynote speaker, author and entrepreneur

Bernadette is one of Australia’s most accomplished marketers, communication experts and business commentators. She’s also one of the country’s most compelling and entertaining public speakers and presenters.

As the host of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald’s Secrets of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, and author of the book by the same name, Bernadette is uniquely placed to reveal how outstanding business owners have risen to the top of their fields and shaken their industries to the core.

As an advertising and marketing executive, Bernadette’s career has seen her work with iconic brands including Apple, Ford, American Express, Kodak and BHP.

Associate Professor Reza Haffari
Lead, Vision and Language Group, Faculty of Information Technology

Recognised time and again for research excellence, A/Prof Haffari is a pioneer in computer vision and language.

Widely published, he has held many leadership positions in data science and machine learning, chaired and contributed to a range of prestigious conferences, and spoken at research events held by well-known organisations such as eBay, Facebook, Adobe, Amazon, Google and Yahoo.

Today, A/Prof Reza’s Vision and Language Group is a top research group in the world. Together with his team, he is driving state-of-the-art projects in machine translation, reasoning, question answering, explainable AI, smart insurance and more – to help organisations reap the benefits of emerging technologies.

Professor Joanna Batstone
Director, Monash Data Futures Institute

Professor Batstone, PhD, is a leading global expert on AI, data analytics and technology. She has more than 20 years’ experience in top executive roles in the USA, Europe and Australia, helping universities, companies and government use technology to meet their goals.

The inaugural Director of the Monash Data Futures Institute at Monash, Professor Batstone is supporting government and organisations in using AI, data analytics and insights to facilitate COVID-19 recovery and the development of governance and policy for social good. She is building an international reputation for the Institute’s ground-breaking work, along with a digital ecosystem to foster collaborative research involving industry.

Responsible for data science and AI across the university, Professor Batstone is passionate about the benefits of AI driving major positive change. She joined Monash after a range of technical and business leadership roles in IBM’s Research and development laboratories, including work with IBM Watson.

Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah
Consultant physician General Medicine & Infectious Diseases, Alfred Health

Dr Ananda-Rajah's research interests span artificial intelligence, health services research and the occupational safety of health care workers. She is the founder of fungalAi, a platform developed with Monash that aims to facilitate faster surveillance and diagnosis of fungal infections in haematology patients.

In 2019, Dr Ananda-Rajah was awarded a prestigious TRIP (Translating Research Into Practice) fellowship by the Medical Research Future Fund and appointed to JAMA Network Open as a statistical and methods reviewer.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Ananda-Rajah advocated for Australian healthcare workers and brought her critical thinking skills to the vaccine debate.

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Ms Bernadette Schwerdt

Keynote speaker, author and entrepreneur


Associate Professor Reza Haffari

Associate Professor

Dr Joanna Batstone

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Senior Events Coordinator

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