Cyber Security Readiness Seminar

21 March 2016

Melissa Hathaway
Melissa Hathaway

Cyber security is a growing concern for all levels of our society.

From individuals worried about their Fitbit sharing personal information right up to governments and corporations trying to keep sensitive data and key pieces of infrastructure secure, we are all vulnerable to the threats and challenges presented by cyber crime.

With these concerns in mind, Monash University recently hosted a fascinating and very well attended seminar by world-renowned cyber security expert Melissa Hathaway. Ms Hathaway has more than 20 years of high-level public and private sector experience, including her service in two US Presidential administrations.

Ms Hathaway's talk focused on cyber insecurity and the need for countries to align their economic visions with their security priorities. She also spoke about her work, particularly the development of a unique methodology for evaluating and measuring the level of preparedness for certain cybersecurity risks, known as the Cyber Readiness Index. During her seminar, Ms Hathaway suggested that the following two articles Cyber Readiness Index 2.0 and Connected Choices: How the Internet Is Challenging Sovereign Decisions may be a good reference for those wishing to find out more about her topic.

We thank Ms Hathaway for her insights and for making the references available to our attendees.

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Melissa Hathaway visited Australia as a guest of CISCO.


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