Joint Cyber Security Lab launched

11 May 2016

Joint cyber security lab launched

A joint cyber security research group has just been established by Monash University and Jinan University in China. The international lab was formalised during a successful visit to Guangzhou, China, by staff from Monash, and will enable co-operative research efforts between the two universities.

According to Dr Campbell Wilson, who is Associate Dean International at Monash’s Faculty of Information Technology, the major activities of the lab will include joint research projects; the opportunity for academic staff, and postgraduate students from one university to visit the other; joint projects with industry; and setting up a student exchange program between the universities.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Monash University and Jinan University to co-operate in an increasingly important area of information technology research,” said Dr Wilson. He went on to describe how the agreement builds on the cyber security expertise of the two universities, enabling researchers to jointly address the challenges in this area.

“We look forward to what will be undoubtedly be a fruitful collaboration,” he added.

As part of formal discussions about the project, Dr Wilson gave an overview of Monash and the Faculty of IT, and the Executive Dean of the College of Cyber Security at Jinan University, Professor Jian Weng, introduced the work of Jinan University. Also attending on behalf of Monash were Associate Professor Carsten Rudolph, Dr Ron Steinfeld and Dr Joseph Liu; with Vice-President of Jinan University Professor Xianzhong Song and Director of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation Professor Pu Rouqian representing Jinan University.

After discussing the areas of collaboration that will arise from the joint lab, a formal signing ceremony marked the official opening, with Dr Wilson and Professor Weng signing the agreement on behalf of their respective universities.

Associate Professor Rudolph, Dr Steinfeld and Dr Liu concluded the visit by presenting a series of seminars to staff and students from Jinan University. The Monash representatives also met with potential industry partners interested in supporting a joint project between Monash and Jinan Universities.

While the visit acknowledged the 110 year history of Jinan University, the focus was on the future and the potential the joint lab on cyber security holds for Monash and Jinan Universities, as well as cyber security research as a whole.


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