Scram Software working with Monash to create leading cybersecurity solutions

We are proud to partner with Melbourne start-up tech company, Scram Software...


We are proud to partner with Melbourne start-up tech company, Scram Software. Together, we’re researching and developing encryption solutions that will make it safe for businesses to store confidential data in the cloud and stop hackers in their tracks.

We invited the founder of Scram Software, Monash graduate and serial entrepreneur Linus Chang, to write about the benefits of the collaboration.

The world is experiencing a wave of hacking and data theft: medical records stolen from hospitals; financial data stolen from JP Morgan. For me personally, I’m concerned about privacy. I want to store my data in the cloud, but I don’t want Google or DropBox or hackers to have access to it.

In August 2014, we at Scram Software engaged Dr Ron Steinfeld from Monash University to research encryption solutions for cloud-based data storage. The timing was uncanny, because just a few weeks later, hundreds of nude selfies were stolen from celebrities on iCloud and publicly leaked.

Those poor celebrities, and our eyeballs, suffered needlessly, because the computer science behind cryptography is well established. If the photos were properly encrypted, hackers would have nothing to steal. And the same goes for business data, medical records and financial documents – with the  proper  encryption,  hackers would be thwarted.


The problem is that there’s a huge gap between the level of research at universities and mainstream software available to the public. Mainstream software is at least 10 years behind the cutting edge.

That gap presents opportunities for us all: opportunities for the academic world to work with commercial partners and develop practical solutions.

In the 2 years that we’ve been working with Monash, we have made huge steps forward. We have designed and developed the world’s most advanced cryptographic file system. This software will enable businesses and individuals to conveniently store and share data confidentially. There are huge  commercial  applications  for what we’ve jointly created. We’ve made breakthroughs that even Google and Microsoft are yet to achieve.

For us to reach this point, we absolutely required the specialist expertise provided by Ron and Monash. And conversely, our commercial direction and financial backing was the catalyst for bringing Monash’s world-leading research out of academia and into the real world.

Working together, we can achieve more.

This new, jointly-developed technology will be deployed shortly at several pilot sites. Interested parties are encouraged to discover more by contacting Scram Software directly.

Scram Software sponsored the 2016 Faculty of Information Technology Best Doctoral Paper Award, which was presented to Parthan Kasarapu for his paper Minimum message length estimation of mixtures of multivariate Gaussian and von Mises-Fisher distributions.