Information Technology welcomes Prof. Bran Selić as Adjunct Professor

25 August 2017

Bran Selic

Monash University Information Technology is pleased to welcome Prof. Bran Selić to the Faculty team as Adjunct Professor in Teaching & Research. Prof. Selić is a major innovator and thought leader in the software industry. He will be teaching Advanced Software Engineering, which will be an enormous opportunity for our students.

With over 40 years of practical experience in designing and implementing large-scale industrial software systems, Bran has pioneered the application of model-based engineering methods and has led the definition of several international standards in that domain, including the widely used Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Bran Selić is President of Malina Software Corp., a Canadian company that provides consulting services to corporate clients and government institutions worldwide. He is also Director of Advanced Technology at Zeligsoft Limited in Canada, and a Visiting Scientist at Simula Research Laboratories in Norway. Prior to that, in the role of an entrepreneur, he co-founded a successful hi-tech startup, ObjecTime Limited, which was subsequently acquired by Rational Software of the US.

In 2016, he was presented with a lifetime Career Award by the steering committee of the IEEE/ACM MoDELS conference in recognition of his contributions to model-driven technologies and practice. Prof. Selić is a regular lecturer at INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) in Lyon, France and an adjunct professor at the University of Sydney.


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