Professor Bain to bring unique skills in health informatics to Monash

1 December 2017

Professor Chris Pain

Professor Chris Bain has had an academic affinity with Monash University for the past 5 years but has now joined the Faculty of IT as Professor of Practice in Digital Health, the first position of its kind in the faculty.

With over 25 years in the health industry, including 12 years in clinical medicine, Chris brings a wealth of experience to the faculty. “The timing was just perfect,” he said. “I knew digital health was going to be big which is why I pursued a PhD so I could eventually work in Academia.”

Chris has post-graduate clinical experience in all the key disciplines, has worked in a number of public hospitals across the state, and has had exposure to a broad range of primary care settings.

He has also led numerous software development and implementation projects in both the clinical and management support areas, resulting in a range of prototype and fully implemented systems.

A large part of his work will involve the Monash initiatives in digital health, working closely with the other faculties involved. Promulgating concepts and focusing on the needs of the health industry as well as those of Monash will be a key focus.

Chris is also interested in pursuing non-traditional sources of funding by reaching out to software vendors and others in private enterprise, safety & quality bodies, healthcare providers, and federal and state departments.

The Faculty congratulates Professor Bain on his appointment and welcomes him to the team.


Information Technology; Research