Students Tackle Problems to Assist Industry and Community Groups

11 July 2017

Congratulations to the 5 winning Industry Experience Project teams who investigated publicly available data looking for opportunities to help industry or community groups.

  • Bridging the gap between people living with dementia and their caregivers
  • An app to help non english speakers navigate and identify local services
  • Helping refugees overcome communication barriers
  • Early identification of disease prone farming areas, and
  • Encouraging domestic violence victims to seek support and assistance.

These are the issues that have been addressed by the winning teams within the Faculty of IT’s Postgraduate Industry Experience Project Unit. The amazing community solutions include -

Developing a website to assist people who experience domestic violence find the right help and support to change their circumstances, Team member Gavin Cheng shares that Team Beyond Infinity wanted to tackle a significant issue in the community. The findings from the recent Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence was confronting. Becoming aware that only an estimated 50% of cases are reported to authorities was concerning and as a team we wanted to tackle a situation where we could shine a light on this growing issue and look to improve the overall well being of anyone affected.
Team Expo
Team ReMindr built a twinning app that bridges the gap between people living with dementia (PLwD) and their caregivers. The app offers a location tracker as well as photos and audio of loved ones to stimulate memory, provide reassurance as well as offering a tool for effective communication. Team member Nick Wei shares that the team wanted to build an application that was relevant to the community and addressed an actual issue. We all believe that our app is a great tool to support dementia care and would love to see it reach its full potential.
 Description (L-R): Shawn Yu, Tanya Arora, Linus Teo and Robert from Warramunda Estate requirement gathering at Warramunda Estate
Left to right Shawn Yu, Tanya Arora, Linus Teo and Robert from Warramunda Estate requirement gathering at Warramunda Estate
SmartWineries is a website aimed to help farmers and vineyard managers identify if their growing area is prone to disease based on past and predicted weather conditions. The intention of team Max4s website is to be able to provide information to farmers in a timely way. Providing better insight as to the severity of the occurrence of disease along with disease management techniques would allow for better resource management and a reduction in stock losses. Currently there is no publicly available technology that centralises data concerning disease management, analysis, weather forecasting and receiving disease risk alerts.
Iconified Application
About 98,000 international students come to Australia to study every year and approximately 80% of them are not native English speakers. Team ICONIFIED developed an app that assists foreign students navigate and identify the local services around them with little knowledge of the local language. Shishira Skanda shares that many students, including ourselves, struggled to fit into the community due to our language barriers. It was great to be able to work on a project that would help the next generations of international students and ensure they didn’t have to overcome the same hurdles that we did. The app is based on the idea that icons are a universal language and can be understood by every individual and thereby bridging language gaps.
The challenges faced by refugees are numerous and extensive and are underpinned by significant communication barriers. Whilst there are many support services, the underlying requirement to access these services is being able to speak English. Team Amaze’s website aimed to assist refugees overcome communication barriers when accessing employment, housing and support services in Victoria by providing access to web content in English, Arabic, Burmese and Darius languages (the most common refugee languages for Victoria). Raj Karthik NM shares on behalf of the team that they are happy that we can provide a website that will hopefully impact refugee’s lives. Recently we were asked by a refugee and an NGO to introduce the website to the community so that they can immediately use it and realise the benefits.
Team Amaze visiting Jesuit Social Services - Left to right Raj Karthik NM, Farras Tauhid, Mingming Xie and Luyang Ye

The Monash IT Industry Experience Project unit is a capstone unit for the Faculty of IT’s postgraduate students. Over 11 weeks the teams investigate publicly available data looking for problems to solve and potential opportunities to help industry or community groups from the following areas:

  • What’s next? Support for the ageing population and the future
  • Literacy aspects ranging from non-English speaking audiences to literacy challenged audiences
  • Different aspects of safety
  • Providing relevant support information to community groups
  • Support to help with the environment

For further information about the program, mentoring or any of the above projects referred to above, please contact Chris Gonsalvez, Associate Dean Student Engagement via email at


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