Mixing with Monash game-changers in the Big Apple

22 August 2018

Hayden Keep at YouTube

When Monash FIT student Hayden Keep spotted the innovation theme of the Global Discovery Program's 2018 New York City study tour, he figured he'd be a perfect fit. After all, his vision to connect the world through technology, and to inspire others to do the same, clearly aligned with the mission of this exclusive program. So why not apply?

"I'm doing a double degree in Information Technology and Education," explains Hayden. "I recognise the need for more innovative approaches to teaching and learning, as well as the importance of urging the next generation to disrupt the future."

A 30-second video and 500-word essay later, Hayden got the green light. He'd been selected for the upcoming study tour. He and nine other students would soon head off to the Big Apple where Monash alumni at top companies would take them behind the scenes. A fantastic way to network and kick-start a global career.

First stop. A welcome event at founder and Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Stone's famous coffee culture hub, Bluestone Lane in Manhattan. Thrilled to speak there, Hayden shared with the audience his views on innovation and addressed the value of giving back.

The group then went on to meet other luminaries in their place of business. Jake O'Leary Global Head of Music Marketing at YouTube. Greg Baxter Chief Digital Officer at MetLife. Karl Redenbach co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at LiveTiles. Anne Valentine Andrews Managing Director and Aparna Balaraman Institutional Client Business Director at BlackRock. Patrick Loftus-Hill Managing Director at Moelis & Company.

But it was Stephen Margetts, Chief Project Officer and Legal Officer at the United Nations, who made the most profound impression on Hayden. "Stephen is incredibly down-to-earth and intelligent," he relays. "I found his stories about his professional triumphs and hurdles incredibly inspiring."

He maintains that there's always something to gain from every situation, but that you may have to strive to find it. He encourages others to explore and discover.

"While I was initially drawn to the Global Discovery Program's theme of innovation, I quickly came to embrace its other themes of generosity, ambition and persistence, along with its global focus and progressive outlook," says Hayden. "I also learned how good New York City pizza is."


Information Technology; Alumni