New Monash University lab heightens the senses

11 May 2018

SensiLab Launch

Monash University unveiled the new location of its high-tech SensiLab showcasing the latest technology and facilities to offer a glimpse into the future.

Led by the Faculty of Information of Technology (FIT) in collaboration with Monash Art Design and Architecture (MADA), SensiLab’s new space brings together a unique mix of creative thinkers to prototype the innovations of the future.

Housed in the MADA building of the university’s Caulfield Campus, the lab connects faculties, creative business and industry expertise to expand research in wearable computing, new forms of artistic expression, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Not long after it opened its doors in 2015, SensiLab broke new ground by creating visual and interactive programs using 3D-modelling. One project used historical and archaeological data that revealed, with exceptional detail, how people may have lived near the ancient Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat.

Demonstrating SensiLab’s expertise in harnessing the power of in-depth and immersive visualisations, the Angkor Wat project drew international acclaim reinterpreting the way history has described the Cambodian temple.

A first of its kind at Monash and in Australia, SensiLab brings together a diversity of skills, experience and perspectives, based on the idea that genuine insight comes from unrestrained, multi-disciplinary collaboration.

SensiLab’s current work includes collaborating with the Bendigo Art Gallery and Vision Australia to explore ways to engage the visually impaired with art, and together with the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, to develop an interactive virtual environment to increase access to psychological training for patients with mental illness in their own home.

SensiLab Director, Professor Jon McCormack, said the new space is a reflection of SensiLab’s vision for an inviting, shared space for multi-disciplinary research in creative technologies.

“We are very excited about the possibilities that this fantastic new space will bring and the collaborations it will enable,” he said.

The Dean of the Faculty of IT, Professor Jon Whittle, said SensiLab’s new position at Monash sets the benchmark as an incubator for big ideas fostering the best minds in IT, arts, design, architecture and industry to solve some of the most pressing problems we face today.

“We are collaborators and enterprising in our approach. We know that the greatest challenges of our age won’t be solved alone, and we’re proud to partner with other faculties, universities, industries, and governments to deliver IT research with impact,” Professor Whittle said.

More details about SensiLab and its research can be found on the SensiLab website.


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