Best and brightest garner this year’s Cliff Bellamy Awards

Named after Professor Clifford Bellamy, Foundation Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, the awards highlight the past year’s academic achievements of outstanding students.

Bellamy Awards Speakers

If you happened to stroll past the Caulfield Pavilion Tuesday evening, you might have sensed some excitement in the air. FIT students and their families, along with academic staff, had come to celebrate at the 2019 Cliff Bellamy Awards ceremony.

Named after Professor Clifford Bellamy, Foundation Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, the awards highlight the past year’s academic achievements of outstanding students.

Master of Ceremonies Dr Matthew Butler, Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching), welcomed the crowd. Next Professor Jon Whittle, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, gave a short address before handing the mic to guest speaker and Monash alumna Dr Susan Entwisle, who now leads Digital Engineering for the Asia Pacific at Cognizant. Then onto the main event - the award presentations.

Caleb Joseph accepting award

Undergraduate Caleb Joseph won both a Dean’s Achievement Award and Dux for Bachelor of Software Engineering. “While I always knew I was doing well with my studies, I never thought that, out of my many talented peers and friends, I'd be the one to receive this honour. I could not have achieved as much without their friendship and support throughout my degree.”

Caleb describes how his disadvantaged background has driven his success: “Growing up in rural Gippsland, I never had access to many of the opportunities of other kids my age. My dad had to work very hard to support our family of four, at times even struggling to put food on the table. This meant no gadgets like mobile phones, only the cheapest and slowest internet plan, and buying second-hand textbooks for school. Such an upbringing has instilled in me the view that everything has to be earned in life, and that nothing should be taken for granted.”

No doubt behind each winner lies a compelling story.

“Our faculty boasts stellar students, who’ve come to us from all over the world,” says Professor Whittle. “Through these awards, we encourage our students to reach greater heights academically and ultimately lead others to meet the challenges of tomorrow. I wholeheartedly congratulate all who received this year’s awards.”

Benjamin Ramcharan accepting award

The award recipients include:

Noel Craske Award Nam Lu, Fengze Sun, Damon Cai
Knowledge Management Award Anthony Adams
Commbank Cyber Prize Adrian Kristanto, Draga Doncila Pop

Dean’s Achievement Award Undergraduate

Bachelor of Software Engineering Caleb Joseph, Joshua Nelsson-Smith, Bojie Shen
Bachelor of Computer Science Andrew Kallasmae, Shi Hui Ng, Ying Zheng, Adrian Kristanto, Chin HuanTan, Billy Phan
Bachelor of Computer Science Advanced (Honours) Mengyu Li

Dean’s Achievement Award Postgraduate

Master of Data Science Linda Woodburn, Robert, Thi Bich Ngoc Hoang
Master of Information Technology Xiuzhi Chen, Lyndsey O’Brien

Bellamy Awards

Bellamy Award First Year Yuan Ai Ho
Bellamy Award Second Year Yisong Yu

Dux of Undergraduate

Bachelor of Business Information Systems Biondi Wiyono
Bachelor of Computer Science Saurabh Joshi, Michael Cui
Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems Shannon Malone
Bachelor of Software Engineering Caleb Joseph
Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences Daniel Rosenberg
Bachelor of Information Technology Mustafa Mansour
Bachelor of Informatics and Computation Advanced (Honours) Loong Lee

Dux of Postgraduate

Master of Business Information Systems Anshuman Acharya
Master of Information Technology Yuanjun Liu
Master of Networks and Security Mona Shahrasbi
Master of Data Science Angus Dempster

2018 Recognition of University Awards Received by Information Technology Students

Academic medal for excellence in graduate and postgraduate coursework study Angus Dempster, Linda Woodburn, Islam Nassar
University medal for undergraduate academic excellence Saurabh Joshi
Sir John Monash Medal Benjamin Ramcharan


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