Monash academic highlights accessibility barriers at international conference

13 September 2019

Monash Information Technology research fellow, Dr Reuben Kirkham has won the Accessibility Award and a Best Paper Award at the 2019 Interact Conference.

The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Technical Committee on Human-Computer Interaction (IFIP TC13) annual conference was held in Paphos, Cyprus earlier this month and is an important platform for researchers and practitioners in the field to showcase their work.

Reuben received the Accessibility Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution on ageing, disability and inclusive design, for his paper ‘Analysing Accessibility Barriers Using Cost-Benefit Analysis to Design Reliable Navigation Services for Wheelchair Users’ with co-authors Benjamin Tannert and Johannes Schöning.

The winning paper explores navigation tools designed to chart accessible routes for wheelchair users. Reuben and his team developed and presented a novel measurement framework based upon cost-benefit analysis and a consideration of the real-world usability of these navigation systems for wheelchair users.

Through comparing the proposed routes identified by these specialist accessibility tools and pedestrian routes generated by Google Maps, it is found that these specialist tools are less effective in routing wheelchair users and often miss crucial accessibility barriers.

Reuben’s paper identifies how future routing tools should be designed to ensure they genuinely meet the needs of wheelchair users and promote more accessible environments.

This paper is available via Springer.

Well done to Reuben on this achievement.


Information Technology


Dr Reuben Kirkham, Interact Conference, Human-Computer Interaction