Monash champions women in IT – with pivotal mentoring program

The Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University is proud to unveil its new Women in Technology Alumni Mentoring Program.

The Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University is proud to unveil its new Women in Technology Alumni Mentoring Program.

Having launched on 15 August, this pivotal program is designed to give women and non-binary students a headstart in their career and personal development goals.

According to the Dean, Professor Jon Whittle, this program is a fine example of the Faculty’s steadfast commitment to a diverse and inclusive culture within Monash – and the industry at large.

'Driven by our mission, IT for Social Good, our goal is to boost participation, retention and success of students from underrepresented groups. With the largest student cohort of females in the field of IT in Australia and the prestigious Group of Eight, it’s our responsibility to invest in the pioneers of tomorrow – and to promote diversity and inclusion in our sector,’ said Professor Whittle.

The program is underpinned by a harsh reality: the success of women in technology hinges on the support of dedicated mentors. A report by ISACA revealed that 48% of women in tech believe that lack of mentorship is one of their biggest barriers in the workplace.

As Professor Whittle explained, ‘It’s no secret that mentor leadership is a hidden success factor for women in IT. We want to give our women and non-binary students the critical support and knowledge they need to launch their careers – and become more visible in the world of tech.’

Received with overwhelming enthusiasm by both mentors and mentees, the 2019 program has paired 50 current students with 50 alumni.

Participating students are looking forward to building their confidence, communication, career planning and networking skills. Meanwhile, Monash alumni volunteers are eager to inspire and empower future generations of IT professionals – while giving back to the University.

Representing ASX Top 100, Fortune 500 and other notable companies, startups and government organisations, appointed mentors offer deep knowledge and broad perspectives that extend far beyond IT.

Comprised of local and international leaders, our diverse pool of mentors reflects the relevance and value of IT across industries. From Creative Arts and Tourism to Banking and Management Consulting, Monash students will be exposed to the wealth of career options available when they graduate.

Emphasising the importance and power of networking, the program follows a semester-long calendar of events that aims to build students’ employability skills. Mentees also have access to extensive resources, including handbooks and a dedicated online platform, to guide them through their mentoring journey.

The Faculty of IT plans to run the Women in Technology Alumni Mentoring Program annually and envisions strong growth year on year.

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