Cyber security and systems

With the ubiquitous and pervasive computing combined with online data ecosphere requires not only secure and optimal storage solutions, but also techniques and tools to develop complex applications that can store, access and manipulate the data in a secure way. Complex application development requires the capabilities of identifying suitable software structures, optimising quality attributes, such as reliability, safety and performance, while satisfying the specified functional requirements.


  • Cyber Security: Encryption and blockchain-based techniques for protecting outsourced databases, hardware and software security solutions, modelling and verification of system security.
  • Database Systems: IoT and Sensor data capturing, storage and query processing (big data), location and spatial based query processing, data integration and fusion.
  • Software Systems: Software design,testing, software architectures, search based software engineering, automated fault localization and bug repair, verification and quality assurance, software engineering of IoT systems.


Monash Cybersecurity group provides practical solutions in the areas of IoT, cloud based ecosystems, smart power grids, digital health and intelligent transport. It fosters collaboration with the industry by being the leading partner of the Oceania Cyber Security Centre (OCSC), a joint venture of eight Victorian Universities and funded by the Victorian government.

Database systems group has proven capabilities in designing database architectures to address data forest problems, managing and processing sensor data, and preparing and integrating data for data analytics though big data technologies, including cloud and cluster computing, non-relational database management systems, location based query processing using pervasive technologies.

Software systems group’s capability lies in managing the complex software development process, from requirements, to architecture and design, quality assurance, testing and verification.


Professor Bala Srinivasan

Professor Bala Srinivasan
Director, Cyber Security and Systems

T: +61 3 9905 5333