Organisational and Social Informatics (COSI)

The Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics (COSI) contributes to the development of individuals, organisations, and society through research on human-centred design and deployment of information and communication technologies (ICT). Understanding the social, cultural, community and organisational settings of ICT use is critical if the potential benefits from ICT systems are to be fully realised.


  • Information systems
  • Archives and recordkeeping systems
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Community development
  • Technology for innovation
  • ICT in healthcare


PROTIC (Participatory Research and Ownership with Technology, Information and Change) works in rural Bangladesh trialling innovative information and communications strategies through participatory action research. PROTIC has a focus on empowering women through enhancing community well-being and livelihoods in poor agricultural communities.

The PROTIC project is a partnership between Oxfam in Bangladesh and its community partner organisations, Oxfam Australia, and the Faculty of IT, Monash University, supported by the Empowerment Charitable Trust. PROTIC is part of the overall REE-CALL program at Oxfam in Bangladesh.

The primary goal of PROTIC is to develop current, accurate, and trustworthy interactive information (primarily via mobile technologies) for women in agriculture in Bangladesh, to enable them to act to improve their well-being and livelihoods in one of the most densely populated and ecological fragile parts of the world. There is already a very high ownership of mobiles in Bangladesh with a good 3G network. The project also aims to innovate through mobile phone applications and other rural-relevant networked technologies, in conjunction with the establishment of information networks that contribute to strengthening of local, and particularly women’s, voices in the community development process.


Associate Professor Gillian Oliver

Associate Professor Gillian Oliver
Director, Organisational and Social Informatics
T: +61 3 9903 2621