Our People

Dr Campbell Wilson

Research areas: Cyber Security & Systems
Keywords: Digital forensics, information retrieval, machine learning, bioinformatics

Dr Campbell Wilson is Co-Director of the AiLECS lab and Associate Dean (International) at the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University. His speciality includes digital forensics, information retrieval, machine learning and bioinformatics.

Dr Janis Dalins

Research areas: Digital Forensics
Keywords: Digital forensics, information retrieval, machine learning

Federal Agent Dalins is the leader of the AFP's Data Science team and Co-Director of the AiLECS lab. Since joining the AFP as an investigator in 2002, Federal Agent Dalins has worked in a variety of areas including Counter Terrorism, General Duties (Uniform) policing, airport investigations and Digital Forensics. Dr Dalins’ research focuses upon intelligent automation within Digital Forensics, both for efficiency and examiner welfare.

Greg Rolan 

Dr Greg Rolan

Dr Greg Rolan is a senior research fellow in the AiLECS lab. Greg brings a wealth of research experience in particular around the theory and design of participatory recordkeeping systems - interoperable and person-centred systems that provide for authoritative information capture and organisation in support of legal, moral, and practical rights and needs of stakeholders in records.