Bachelor of Business Information Systems Electives

The following are recommended electives for Bachelor of Business Information Systems students. BBIS (coursework stream) students enrolled in the pre-2011 version of the course must complete at least two third year units from the below list. Please refer to BBIS Course Maps for details of elective slots.

FIT3027 Android and iOS development
FIT3031 Information and network security
FIT3051 Decision support systems for finance
FIT3056 Secure and trusted software systems
FIT3063 Human-computer interaction
FIT3101 B2C internet commerce
FIT3102 Operations management systems
FIT3103 Business case development
FIT3104 Chinese language information technology
FIT3105 Security and identity management
FIT3107 Advanced programming for database applications
FIT3118 Database design and administration
FIT3125 Information organisation
FIT3126 Applications with C++
FIT3130 Computer network design and deployment
FIT3134 IT-based entrepreneurship
FIT3136 IT governance and strategy for business
FIT3152 Data analytics

Pre-2011 BBIS students MUST also complete also complete at least one of:

FIT3022  Intelligent decision support systems
FIT3003 Business intelligence and data warehousing

and at least one of:

FIT3009 eBusiness systems
FIT3012 Enterprise systems or FIT3138 Real time enterprise systems

Either (or both) of the two units not completed as core can be used as third year BBIS electives.

Not all units are available in any one year.

Please note: Bachelor of Business Information Systems students are required to complete a maximum 60 points at first year level and a minimum 36 points at second and third year level. Students who do not fulfil the course year level requirements will not be eligible to graduate.