Bachelor of Computer Science Approved Electives, Minors and Recommended Electives

Third Year Approved Electives

Only the below third year units will count as Approved Computer Science electives. Please refer to your course map.

FIT3001 Advanced 3D (not offered in 2018)
FIT3002 Applications of data mining (not offered in 2018)
FIT3077 Software engineering: architecture and  design
FIT3088 Computer graphics
FIT3013 Formal specification for software engineering
FIT3031 Information and network security
FIT3042 System tools and  programming languages
FIT3063 Human-computer interaction (not offered in 2018) or FIT3175 Usability
FIT3080 Intelligent systems
FIT3081 Image processing (not offered in Australia in 2018)
FIT3094 Artificial life, artificial  intelligence and virtual environments
FIT3139 Computational science
FIT3140 Advanced programming *
FIT3141 Data communications and computer networks (not offered in 2018)
FIT3142 Distributed computing
FIT3143 Parallel computing
FIT3144 Advanced computer science project (12 points) † (not offered in 2018)
FIT3145 Game design studio 2
FIT3152 Data analytics
FIT3146 Emergent technologies and interfaces
FIT3154 Advanced data analysis
FIT3155 Advanced data structures and algorithms
FIT3159 Computer architecture
FIT3165 Computer networks
FIT3173 Software security
MTH3170 Network mathematics

Not all units are available in any one year.

*FIT3140 Advanced programming is core for  Bachelor of Computer Science single degree students who commenced from 2011. For BCS students who commenced  prior to 2011, it will count as an approved Computer Science elective.

†FIT3144 Advanced computer science project replaces FIT3036 Computer science project and one Computer Science Approved Elective.

Please note: Bachelor of Computer Science students are required to complete a maximum 60 points at first year level and a minimum 36 points at third  year level. Students who do not fulfil the course year level requirements will not be eligible to graduate.


Minor in Computational Science
Minor in Business Analytics
Minor in Mathematics
Minor in Systems Development

Minor in Advanced Computing

FIT3080 Intelligent systems
FIT3088 Computer graphics
FIT3139 Computational science
FIT3143 Parallel computing

Minor in Games Development

FIT2071 Foundations of C++ OR FIT1048 Fundamentals of C++
FIT2073 Game design studio 1
FIT2049 Games programming using C++ OR FIT2096 Games programming 1

Plus any unit from:

FIT3088 Computer graphics
FIT3094 Artificial life, artificial intelligence and virtual environments
FIT3145 Game design studio 2

Minor in Information and Communication Technologies

FIT2076 Web-database interface OR FIT2104 Web-database interface
FIT2077 Advanced data management or FIT3176 Advanced database design
FIT2078 Introduction to security OR FIT2093 Introduction to cyber security
FIT3031 Information and network security

Recommended Electives

First Year

FIT1010 Introduction to software engineering
FIT1016 Advanced level 1 project – by invitation only (0 points)
MON1002 The changing face of science: how computational science helps us make sense of the world
FIT1043 Introduction to data science

Second Year

FIT2024 Software engineering practice OR FIT2099 Object oriented design and implementation
FIT2043 Technical documentation for software engineers
FIT2044 Advanced level 2 project – by invitation only (0 points)
FIT2069 Computer architecture
FIT2070 Operating systems or FIT2100 Operating systems
FIT2079 Data visualisation
FIT2086 Modelling for data analysis