Opportunity for Intern project - Renewable Energy Strategy

Internship Project

Development of the City of Melbourne Renewable Energy Plan


The City of Melbourne’s Zero Net Emissions strategy addresses emissions reduction strategies addresses across a broad range of sectors across the municipality. The strategy is reviewed and updated periodically. The 2017 update has commenced. This internship will be involved in reviewing the renewable energy component of the ZNE strategy.

Regulation of the electricity sector is the responsibility of State and Federal Government. The ability of local government to affect emissions in this sector is largely limited to focusing on voluntary purchasing decisions by Councils and City stakeholders and advocacy.

The internship role

The internship will involve supporting the development of the renewable energy plan which will form part of the Zero Net Emissions strategy. The 2014 update to ZNE identifies an objective of ultimately decarbonising the electricity supply.

The project will involve:  

  • developing a methodology for establishing a renewable energy consumption baseline to understand existing levels of renewable energy uptake in the municipality
  • developing policy options for further increasing renewable energy uptake
  • consultation with stakeholders to identify viability for implementation.

The intern role will provide support in development of the renewable energy strategy. Specifically, the intern will:

  • support developing and documenting the methodology for a renewable energy consumption baseline using existing data from internal and external sources
  • gather and document data on existing renewable energy use
  • document policy options for achieving greater renewable energy uptake
  • assist with consulting with stakeholders and documenting the consultation process.

Necessary skills:

  • Writing skills
  • Ability to interpret and document basic data

Desirable skills:

  • Visually communicating data
  • Understanding of renewable energy regulatory framework

Learning opportunities:

  • Develop understanding of renewable energy policy framework
  • Develop understanding of a basic policy development process

Time commitment:

A timeframe for the internship can be negotiated based on intern’s availability and external commitments. It is anticipated that the internship will be the equivalent of 8 -12 days full time (60-90 hours), spread over a period between late-September to mid-November, with a minimum weekly commitment of 2 days (38 hours)/week.

To Apply - please contact adam.zaborszczyk@melbourne.vic.gov.au