Clayton Campus orientation events

Monash IT Clayton will host an Orientation Welcome for commencing students during "O Week” in 2017. Find out more below – and we’ll see you there!

Orientation – what’s it all about?

Orientation is the time when you familiarise yourself with the campus, the libraries, learning resources and of course, to get to know your fellow students. It is designed to help you settle into university and provide you with information to prepare you for the start of classes. So get involved, and make the most of it.

Clayton Orientation:

Engage, Learn and Be Ready.

Get the most out of your studies in IT by attending your Orientation information session. Meet your Peer Mentors and engage with other I.T students. Participate in interactive activities and workshops designed to help you settle into your course and prepare you for your studies.

Familiarise yourself with resources available to improve your study skills and grades. Find out what IT tools and software are available to you.

Undergraduate IT Orientation Information Session
Wednesday 19th July 2017

Session Presentations
Undergraduate Faculty Orientation Presentation
Undergraduate Peer Mentor Orientation Workshop


C1 Lecture Theatre 25 Exhibition Walk Clayton Campus.

All undergraduate IT single and double degrees.

Double degree students: where possible, it is recommended that you also attend your other Faculty's academic orientation program.

Attendance is COMPULSORY for all students.

Create a personalised orientation program

Visit the Orientation ePlanner for a full list of all university activities and create your own personalised itinerary. There are academic events and social activities designed to help you get settled, connected and equipped.

Online resource – academic orientation

We want to make your transition into university as smooth as possible. To help you get your university brain engaged, we are offering you an opportunity to participate with an online resource that will help further develop your critical thinking skills before you meet us in orientation week.

Monash provides an online academic orientation program. This is a series of modules and activities of value to you at university level. You are invited to join the conversation and start your university intellect now. This online academic orientation does not take the place of your compulsory orientation  week  program  with  Monash  IT, so you should make sure you have those dates in your diary.

Information that is provided at orientation will be made available to this website after O’Week.

FIT Safety Manual for Students is available from the student resource page.