Overseas programs

Monash University is renowned for its international presence and there are many opportunities for Monash IT students to travel and study abroad. See our overseas programs below.

Why study overseas?

You can add it to your CV
Employers value independence, self-discipline, adaptability and intercultural understanding. When you engage in a Monash IT overseas program, you actively demonstrate each of these traits.

It won’t postpone your degree
Your overseas study is credited towards your Monash IT degree. In some cases you can even fast track your degree by taking part in overseas units during a Summer or Winter semester.

We support your experience
There are a variety of generous scholarships and funding options available for students who want to take part in overseas study.

Develop an international network
We have a campus in Malaysia and a teaching centre in Italy. We also have excellent relationships with host universities overseas. Take advantage of Monash University’s international connections and meet like-minded students from all over the world.

Experience a new culture
While studying overseas you can immerse yourself in the day to day life and culture of your host country.

IT is global
Your field of study, Information Technology, is the reason the world is so connected, so make the most of it.