Applying for Intermission (study leave/leave of absence)

Intermission is normally granted for a period of no longer than one year or two consecutive semesters. Please ensure you visit the University's Intermission page for further information.

Granted intermission is counted as part of your degree time limits. Please visit our Faculty policies on Intermission and Degree Time Limits for detailed information.

How to apply?

Domestic students can apply for Intermission via WES. Alternatively, Domestic and International students can complete an Intermission Application Form (PDF, 0.18 MB) and submit to the Faculty office.

Students undertaking a thesis component and who wish to take an intermission or seek a thesis extension must complete an Application for Intermission from Coursework Studies, available from Faculty offices. The form must specify the dates for the intermission and or thesis extension and must be approved by the research co-ordinator or Head of campus. The completed form must be attached to the re-enrolment form when it is submitted.