Assignment submission procedure

Submitting electronically or in tutorials

Most IT assignments are submitted online via Moodle or directly in your tutorial. For assignment submission details refer to your unit guide.

Submitting hardcopy assignments

  • You must complete an Assignment Cover Sheet (Individual or Group), available from the Faculty office or from Student Forms.
  • You need to complete ALL sections of the form, and read, sign and date the Student Statement.
  • You should staple assignments - NO plastic pockets are to be used.
  • Under no circumstances will assignments be retrieved once submitted.

The below details refer to assignment submission via the Faculty office.

Where do I submit my assignment?

  • The assignment submission boxes are located in the Building 63, Ground floor Foyer (Clayton) or Level 6, H Block (Caulfield).
  • Queries should be directed to the Faculty office during office hours.

When do I submit my assignment?

  • Assignments must be submitted by the due date and time.
  • If you need to apply for an extension:
    • you must refer to your unit guide for extension and penalty details and the Special Consideration page
    • complete the Special Consideration application (in-semester assessment task) form and submit to the lecturer for approval.

What happens to the assignment when I submit it?

  • Late assignments will be date stamped and recorded as received on the day of submission.
  • A receipt will not be issued; students are advised to retain a copy of their assignments.

How do I collect my marked assignment?

  • The lecturer will email you when completed assignments will be available for collection.
  • Assignments that are not returned via tutorials can then be collected from the Faculty office during normal office hours.

Please note that you’ll need to produce your Student ID to collect your assignment.