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Feedback representatives

We would like to make your experience in FIT as good as it can be. Please contact us if you have any feedback or queries related to your unit offerings or course in general:

Undergraduate contact us at:

Postgraduate contact us at:

Feedback sought!

We are interested in receiving your feedback on all aspects of your educational experience with the Faculty of Information Technology.

  • How well, or otherwise, units fit with your course structure
  • Lecture/tutorial/lab or unit content and/or delivery
  • Assessment
  • Pre-requisite issues
  • Credit transfer / advanced standing
  • Administrative/Academic support
  • To help gather this feedback, the Faculty appointed the above feedback representatives who will present your views at a Student Staff meeting.

To be valuable, it is important that your feedback (positive or negative) is constructive and action based. For example, a comment such as "FIT1999: The lectures are awful" is not particularly useful. However, "FIT1999: The lectures should include more examples to help us understand the principles" gives a clear indication of the improvement required.

Please be assured that your privacy will be maintained throughout this process.The information provided will be used to improve the educational experience of all students within the Faculty. The information provided will also be written up in the minutes of the meetings and published on the web. If you are interested in applying to be a student representative please contact

Postgraduate meeting notes 2016

No Meeting date Meeting Minutes
1 13 April Meeting 1 semester 1 2016 Minutes (DOCX, 14KB)
2 11 May Meeting 2 semester 1 2016 Minutes (DOCX, 18KB)
3 25 August Meeting 1 semester 2 2016  
4   Meeting 2 semester 2 2016  

Undergraduate meeting notes from previous years

Postgraduate meeting notes from previous years