Student Feedback

The Faculty is interested in receiving your feedback on all aspects of your experience with the Faculty of Information Technology.

To help gather this feedback, the Faculty will seek your feedback via an online form (weeks 4 or 5) and open forums (undergraduate and postgraduate). The forums will run in week 7 or 8 each semester.

A response to your feedback will be provided online after the forums.

Types of feedback

How well, or otherwise, units fit with your course structure
Lecture/tutorial/lab or unit content and/or delivery
Unit Assessment
Pre-requisite issues
Administrative/Academic support

To be valuable, it is important that your feedback (positive or negative) is constructive and action based. For example, a comment such as “FIT1000: The lectures are awful” is not particularly useful. However, “FIT1000: The lectures should include more examples to help us understand the principles” gives a clear indication of the improvement required.

Minutes from previous years