response card (front)

1. What are “clickers”?

“Clickers” or Student Response Systems are remote-controlled devices that allow students to send their responses to multiple choice and true-false questions via radio frequency (rf) technology, to a receiver connected to a lecturer's computer. Software installed on the computer analyses the data and displays the results graphically (bar graphs, pie charts, etc.).

2. Why do we use clickers?

  • Clickers are used to engage you in presentations by allowing you to respond to questions and interact with unit content. For example, lecturers will post a question in class and ask you to vote for what you think is the correct answer. The lecturer can then use the voting results to ascertain if you have understood the concepts being discussed. Since nobody else can see your choice, you do not need to be influenced by what others think.
  • Clickers can also be used to find out what you know before a topic is introduced; the lecturer can then pitch the introduction at the right level.
  • Students have reported that the clickers helped them learn and absorb information quicker and were fun to use.

3. Can I use my clicker for the entire course?

Absolutely. Once purchased, you can use it for units requiring clickers for the entire course.

4. Which FIT units will be using clickers in 2016?

Semester 1

FIT1006 Business information analysis
FIT1008 Introduction to computer science
FIT1030 Introduction to business information systems
FIT1045 Introduction to algorithms and programming
FIT2003 IT professional practice
FIT2085 Introduction to computer science
FIT9135 Data communications

Semester 2

FIT1008 Introduction to computer science
FIT1049/FIT2003 IT professional practice
FIT5032 Internet applications development
FIT5042 Enterprise application development for the web
FIT5142 Advanced data mining
FIT5166 Information retrieval systems

5. Where can I purchase a clicker?

You have two options to purchase clickers (ResponseCard RF LCD):

1. Clayton (on-line and in store) or Caulfield (in store only) Bookshops
2. Online from the clicker supplier Keepad (now available)

6. What happens if I cannot afford to buy a brand new clicker?

7. How will clickers be used in my units, and how are they linked to my assessment?

  • Some of the questions posed in class will have a very small proportion of unit marks associated with clickers. For example: 5% for clicker participation and 5% for quizzes. Each unit will have its own mark allocation and structure.
  • As each clicker has a unique number that is linked to you, your scores for each class will be totalled and added to your final mark for that unit.
  • Each lecturer will explain to you how they are going to use clickers before they are used for the first time.
  • Each clicker has a device ID on the back which is your unique identifier and linked to your student ID number (see image). This enables your lecturer to link your responses to you.

response card (back)

8. How do I register my clicker?

  1. Log in to Moodle.
  2. Select FIT unit (refer to the above list).
  3. Register your clicker via the link.
  4. Enter your device ID number (refer to the back of the clicker). Note that clicker IDs are hexadecimal and only contain the letters 'A' to 'E'. All other characters are numbers.
  5. Note that you will need to do this for each unit using clickers.

9. How do I operate my clicker?

  • You will be required to select a channel as advised by your lecturer.
  • To select a channel, you must click the Channel button, followed by the number required (incl. proceeding 0 if the channel is a single digit), and then press the Channel button to confirm.
  • You need to select a channel in less than five seconds, indicating your session choice.
  • You can select a channel any time, even when a session is underway.
  • The channel selection is preserved until you change it.
  • Successful transmissions are acknowledged via the LED with a three second green light signal.

10. What happens if I leave my clicker at home?

It is your responsibility to bring your clicker to all classes. If you forget your clicker or miss a class due to circumstances beyond your control, please see the lecturer as soon as possible. The lecturer will explain how they will deal with absences with respect to marks.

11. What happens if the clicker is not working?

If you notice that the clicker is not working (dim light, etc) please go to the Clayton or Caulfield Bookshops for assistance. Please check your clicker regularly as this will not be considered a satisfactory explanation for missing an assessment. Clickers have a long battery life, however if you need to replace the batteries (two coin cell CR2032 (3.0V) lithium batteries), you can purchase them at the Clayton or Caulfield Bookshops or other retailers.