Viewing of exam script books

Accessing FIT examination script books

Students are permitted access to FIT examination script books up to three weeks after publication of results for the previous examination period (or for Semester 2, the first three weeks of Semester 1 for the following year).

How to apply

  • Students must complete a Request for access to examination script books application and submit to the FIT office on their home campus.
  • Students will be advised when and where the script will be available for viewing (normally within 7 days but students will be notified if there is a delay).

Viewing rules

  • Students must present Student ID at viewing session.
  • Viewings will be supervised by a Monash IT staff member.
  • No pens, pencils, mobile phones etc will be permitted.
  • Only students viewing their script will be permitted entry to the viewing session.

There is no requirement or obligation that comments will be provided when students view their exam script. If students have any questions regarding their examination script book they are advised to make an appointment to see their lecturer.

Students may be denied access to their scripts if the examination is a short answer or multiple choice module which the examiner intends to use again (for further information refer to the Freedom of Information Policy*).

Requests for re-marking of exams must be made in accordance with the Faculty's Re-marking of Assessment policy.

* The Monash Freedom of Information policy and procedure is compliant with the Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982. For Malaysia and South Africa, equivalent country legislation applies in place of the Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982.