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Get involved in Monash IT events and get networking with your fellow students and our dedicated staff.

Until June22

Faculty of IT Employment Expo

Ready to kick start your career? Wanting to explore different opportunities in the IT Industry? Looking for a graduate role or internship?

The Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University is hosting its inaugural virtual careers fair – exclusively online and complimentary for all Monash IT students.

Our virtual event will commence on Monday 16 March and run 24 hours a day until Sunday 22 March.

Until May15

Exclusive replay with Live Q&A: Is AI Inclusive? The Great Debate

Late last year, we held ‘Is AI Inclusive? The Great Debate’ – a Tech Talks event hosted by pioneering Australian comedian Rod Quantock. A panel of leading IT academics and industry thinkers put forward arguments about inclusivity and AI, and shared how we can incorporate equity and diversity principles into this technology.

Attracting an overwhelming amount of interest, we’re bringing this witty one-hour Tech Talk to you from Friday 17 April for four weeks..


Digital Health innovations and applications

From greater patient-centred practices and access to medical services to stronger data protection, ‘digital health’ innovations have advanced the sector in many ways – enhancing the quality of care for people around the globe.

Discover the answers to these questions and more at our Monash Tech Talks webinar Digital health innovations and applications. Hearing from seasoned medical professionals and IT experts, you’ll explore:

  • what digital health is and its different areas of application
  • how digital health technologies have been harnessed during the COVID-19 crisis
  • digital health innovations and their impacts on society.

The changing role of home during crisis

Modern life has been described as consisting of three main places. The first is our home, the second is our workplace and the third are areas we go to socialise, have fun and share experiences with others.

In this fascinating Monash Tech Talks webinar, we’re gathering anthropologists, futurists and sociologists from the Emerging Technologies Research Lab (ETLab) to explore how the home, and our relationship to it, has changed. Our experts’ insights will draw upon their articles written for the launch of ETLab's Future Matters online publication.


Power in a pandemic: the importance of data

The advent of the COVID-19 situation has made the world hungry for information.

This Tech Talks webinar ‘Power in a pandemic: the importance of data’ is a chance for you to learn from world-leading data scientist, Professor Geoff Webb – the mind behind widely-used machine learning algorithms.

Professor Ann Nicholson, a celebrated specialist in AI and bayesian networks, will also discuss her work with medical infectious diseases experts to uncover how COVID-19 affects the human body.


TEDxMelbourne 2019 - Limitless

What does the future look like? What’s next? Will we continue our brilliance - or will we implode? The conference that needs no introduction is coming to Melbourne and tackling the BIG questions. Don't miss out!


Creativity and AI: Companions or competitors?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become incredibly smart. It can translate languages, recognise emotions, drive vehicles and even create its own software.

‘AI and creativity: competitors or companions?’ is a rare opportunity for you to hear from world-class anthropologists, AI experts and futurists. This thought-provoking discussion will give you greater insight into:

  • the advances in AI and how this innovation can be used to complement human creativity and expression
  • how AI has affected the relationships that humans have with technology and work, and changes we can expect in the future
  • the impact that creative AI will have on the jobs and workforce of tomorrow

Melbourne Student Jobs Fair : Event 2

Come and say hello to one of the largest assemblies of Melbourne employers looking for staff. Get the inside scoop on the recruitment process, interview technique and resume advice.


Zonta Women in Technology Scholarship

Zonta are an international organisation dedicated to the furthering of women in the STEM fields, particularly tech. They are offering a generous scholarship for female students in the tech field with outstanding academic achievement and a proven dedication to promoting tech to women.


Nasscom Student Innovation Awards

NASSCOM Australia are offering an amazing opportunity for university level students launched as NASSCOM Student Innovation Awards 2019. The competition empowers students to generate genius innovative ideas and showcase their IT or IT enabled business idea to become renowned leaders of this industry. Apply now for your chance to win!