From Garage to $100m Global Business


Date/Time: Monday, 18 September 2017 from 3pm

Location: Engineering Building, 14 Alliance Lane, Theater E7, Clayton campus


James Cotton


This session will explore how a global SaaS business was built from the idea of removing paper/waste from businesses to make them more efficient and save paper. James Cotton, the founder of CMO Software, will share how he built the business, including the growing pains from a technology, operations, financial and personal perspective encountered whilst building a global technology business with 8 offices around the world and nearly 200 staff. James will also discuss how technology was so critical to the company’s success (and not just the technology that the product was built on).


James Cotton is an entrepreneur with business interests in Internet, Software and Sustainability, in addition to social & philanthropic interests. In 2005 James founded CMO Software which grew to become one of the leading Governance, Risk and Compliance Software companies globally, as recognized by independent analysts including Gartner & Forrester. Founded in Melbourne and then based in London with offices in Houston, Atlanta,Copenhagen, Pune, Tomsk & Dubai, James sold CMO for $100m in 2013, and the success was down to exploiting digital marketing to remain steps ahead of competitors to target stakeholders very precisely with appealing calls to action.