NASSCOM Australia Student Innovation Awards 2018

The NASSCOM Australia Student Innovation Awards 2018 brings to you a golden opportunity to 'act' upon your genius ideas and showcase your IT/IT enabled business idea to renowned leaders of the industry.

Our latest winner of NSIA 2017, Shahed Kamal's entrepreneurial idea "CollabHero" was a part of the top 5 innovative startups in The Learning Innovation Summit 2017.  (

Another great outcome of NSIA is Fangzhou Jiang, whose potential and innovation was recognized by NSIA and is also currently under-review at a top tier journal IEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing.

YOU and YOUR IDEA could be the next recognized one if you choose to participate and send in your applications at the earliest as we have limited entries to ensure quality of applicants.

Why participate?

*A platform for your innovation and ideas to be heard and acted upon.
*A chance to present an innovative ICT idea to a panel of reputed judges
*Win a week-long, all expenses paid, work experience trip to India
*Potential mentoring opportunities with member companies in Australia for participants
*Awards are to be presented at a much prestigious event with honorable members from the industry.

Application Process:

  • It's as simple as filling out an application form on our website to meet the criteria.
  • The qualifying applicants (meeting the requirements) will have the opportunity to demonstrate their idea to a panel of unbiased judges
  • The judges will chose the winning entry/ies. (Yes, more than one person can win the award!)
  • Hurry up as due to request from many students, the closing date for the applications has been extended to 31st July, 2018.

We look forward to your support and receiving award winning submissions.

Should you have any questions regarding the awards, feel free to contact us.

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