Our Future Cities Competition

Pose solutions to tackle real-world city challenges at the Arden Renewal Area Precinct.  

Create liveable and sustainable communities of the future through the Our Future Cities program.

Participating will give you an opportunity to:

  1. Win a share in $7,000 prize money 
  2. Apply your skills to a real world challenge
  3. Work in an interdisciplinary team environment 
  4. Network with industry professionals and your own team mentor
  5. Learn from those currently leading the way in shaping sustainable, liveable, socially just and resilient future cities.

You will need to find your own interdisciplinary team and work together to tackle real-world city challenges at the Arden Renewal Area Precinct.

Team registrations are now open – but you don’t need to submit your proposal till after Semester 1 exams!

There will be a Seminar Series which will cover a range of topics that explore how we can create more equitable, inclusive and sustainable cities.

Our Future Cities is funded through the Port Phillip Bay Fund administered by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and is being supported by LOCI Environment & Place

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