Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Optimisation

Toward developing flexible dashboards for managing clinical critical paths

Co-supervised by Professor Frada Burstein and Dr Michael Wybrow

With hospitals collecting vast amounts of data, many senior managers are suffering from information overload - which is exacerbated by poor EMR interfaces. To enhance efficiency and streamline decision making, many hospitals are turning to dashboards. In this multidisciplinary GRIP project, PhD student Quy Nguyen will combine user-focused design and research in data visualisation, information systems, clinical critical paths and healthcare informatics to create functional, visually-appealing dashboards for Eastern Health.

Extracting EMR data and improving data linkage for medical research

Yasin, A., Aleti, A., Srikanth, V. & Skouteris, H.

A GRIP project involving Peninsula Health, this work will entail an examination of the use of the FHIR data standard as a vehicle to store routine EMR data. The data, once in the FHIR compliant format, will be used for various research purposes.